miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

Hoffa y el Tea Party; No, no me hago el Gil, solo me dedico a otrás cosas.

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PD; para los Comisarios Politicos:

“Hoffa just declared physical war on the Tea Party.

He identified his army, and appointed his General - Obama.

Is everyone ready for this?”


“Hoffa and his communist ilk are enemies of the American people.

These people are traitors and should be treated as such”.


“Well the 'goons' boss was right about one thing...the union working slugs are the Bilderberg's army to take America down from within!

The deaf, dumb and blind showed up today...to show support to the enemy within!

Forty-seven percent of Detroit cannot read and/or write...but they can show up to vote as long as they are told who to vote for!

Now do you know who they are America?

"Brown shirts" being the muscle and cash cow of the Democratzi 'loons' seeking to take America down from within! ~~~



The anointed one did it again.

The only group he left out of his acceptance speech was the arcorn bunch and its affiliates.

My, my, oh may.

It was just a short time ago that the brat pontificated that we should come together in peace and work toward a common goal of socialism for all.

Yet, today he let one of his lackeys, hoffa what's his face, declare war on the TEA party.

Thought the toddler was a uniter not a divisive, bungling idiot.

Ladies and gents, get out and help to register voters.

Volunteer as poll watchers.

Help those less able to get to the polls on Nov 6, 2012.

Be sure you, your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else casts a ballot to rid our country of this self proclaimed emperor.

We now definitely know that there will be all types of shenanigans on and before voting day. It is also extremely important that our military voters receive, vote, sign, and return their ballots in time to make a difference in what is become a very ugly and filthy campaign.

BO has the black vote 12%
BO has the union vote 14% both private and public
BO has the illegal vote 7%
BO has the liberal Jewish vote 5%
BO has the progressive vote 13%, Union vote counted above.
BO has the Chicago vote 3% which includes cemetery folk, multiple voters, Mickey mouse and Bugs bunny.

By my wag calculations we must encourage all repubs, conservatives, independents, and libertarian to get out and vote. It will be very close.

Guesstimating error: plus or minus 5%.

Si van a copiar argumentos, por lo menos asegúrense que no los ideó el Tea Party.

Un abrazo.

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El gobierno y Moyano en “zona de turbulencias”

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