martes, 21 de mayo de 2019

Aláteres de Alternativa

Debates esotéricos entre peronistas históricos.

Abrazo Yukio

Omix los de afuera son de palo.

Penetrando la incertidumbre, lo comparan con los discursos de Corazón Valiente y el del Jefe alemán de Banda de Hermanos.

Oye, Beltalowda.
Listen up.
This is your Captain, and this is your ship.
This is your moment.
You might think that you're scared, but you're not.
That isn't fear.
That's your sharpness.
That's your power.
We are Belters.
Nothing in the void is foreign to us.
The place we go is the place we belong.
This is no different.
No one has more right to this, none more prepared.