lunes, 7 de enero de 2019

Telegramas en la PBA, Putin & Xi Jinping se carcajean con el Desbande.

Aquí y ahora.

Hace 50 años.

The IMF team's tasked to "unfix" a crooked election by thwarting plans to use a crooked voting machine in a crucial voting district in a South American country.
"The Wheels" are the tally counters in the voting machina

The IMF was constantly meddling in the political affairs of exotic countries.
In "Wheels," Barney, Rollin and crew head to a Latin American country where rigged voting machines are unfairly tilting an election for the right wing party in power.
Years later, the plot gets a little more complicated in "The Visitors," when the IMF agents pose as aliens in order to get a UFO fanatic to expose dirty candidates in the pocket of organized crime.
8. Mission: Impossible - "Wheels"