jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

@nestorsbari; Poder Oligárquico, Poder Popular, y el Funcionario Weberiano

En el Atlántico Norte quieren “comprender” al llamado “populismo”, y en el culo del mundo hay uno con una persistencia notable.

Por lo tanto, mas que recurrir a sus “propias” hipótesis, que se han demostrado erróneas, una y otra vez, van a “saco” por la “peronosfera” de los últimos 15 años.

Hasta @quintinLLP entenderá la metáfora de esta secuencia cinematográfica clásica; considerada por el Congreso de USA "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Dialogo entre la Poder Oligárquico y el weberiano.

[upon the suggestion that he may have murdered Colbert, Endicott slaps Tibbs across the face. Tibbs promptly slaps him back. Endicott is shocked]

Endicott: Gillespie?

Gillespie: Yeah.

Endicott: You saw it.

Gillespie: I saw it.

Endicott: Well, what are you gonna do about it?

Gillespie: I don't know.

Endicott: I'll remember that. [to Tibbs] There was a time when I could've had you shot.

Dialogo entre el Poder Popular y el weberiano.

I try to run a nice, clean, safe town here.

A town where a man can sneeze and not get his brains beat out.

You follow me?

[on telephone to Tibbs' chief] I do want to thank you for offering such a powerful piece of manpower as Virgil Tibbs.

Just once in my life, I'm gonna own my temper.

I'm telling you that you're gonna stay here.

You're gonna stay here if I have to go inside and call your chief of police and have him remind you of what he told you to do.

But I don't think I have to do that, you see?

No, because you're so damn smart.

You're smarter than any white man.

You're just gonna stay here and show us all.

You've got such a big head that you could never live with yourself unless you could put us all to shame.

You wanna know something, Virgil?

I don't think that you could let an opportunity like that pass by.